Best Shakes For Weight Loss


Meal replacement can be in use for people, who eat small meals 5 – 6 times per day and/or follow a healthy diet with low carbohydrates or high protein. Shakes are considered to be more preferable than meal replacement (MR) shakes or protein bars due to lower sugar level.

Benefits of Shakes

– Protein shakes or MR shakes are more convenient to consume both at work and when jogging.

– They save the trouble of preparing meal during the day.

– There is no need in counting calories, because it is already done.

Is any difference between MR shakes and protein shakes?

The major difference lies in the calories content.

Meal replacement shakes (bars, puddings soups and other snacks) can replace up to two daily meals. They are good for losing weight and/or weight management. In addition, shakes contain essential nutrients. The content of carbohydrates and protein in a good meal replacement shake amounts to 200 and 400 calories respectively.

Protein shakes (aka smoothie) contain no carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients. They are not designed for replacement of meal.

Lose weight using MR shakes

Meal replacement shakes as well as protein shakes have no special properties for reducing of fat or building of muscle. They can not fully replace the actual food, but only act as supplement to a healthy diet.

How to achieve best results using MR shakes

To achieve the best results in losing weight and weight management through MR shakes, read the following advices:

– Try to take meal replacement shakes no more than twice a day.

– It is important to meet nutritional requirements not to damage your health, therefore use meal replacement shakes, containing no more than 200 calories and having a good balance of protein, minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

– MR shakes would be useful if you skip some daily meal, such as breakfast.

– Shakes are very convenient, so try using them, when you have nothing to eat except for fast food

– Expand your ration by various MR products and shakes.

– Consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables is a must.

– In order to gain best results in weight loss, your meals should contain a balance of healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

What is the best MR shake?

When choosing a protein shake or MR shake, take into account the following:

– Juice, water or milk are to be used for mixing with the powder.

– Proper balance of calories from carbohydrates, protein, essential minerals and vitamins.

– Absence or low content of saturated fats, sugars and trans-fats.

– The calorie content must fit your requirements.

– Make a compare of different brands, namely, content of calories, protein, fats and carbohydrates.

Best MR shakes

Instead of searching, you can make the best diet shake by yourself. If it is not possible, then try to choose the best among the low-carbohydrate or low-calorie meal replacement shakes.

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