Can you flat iron wet hair

In today’s world, there is a lot of different styling experiments carried out on your hair. A hair iron could be one of the most useful equipment to have with you. You can try out different hair styles with this. However, there has been a long standing question if it is right to flat iron wet hair. The irony is that you will get a number of answers pertaining to this, some opting for wet hair while the others choosing dry hair for flat ironing.

How does a flat iron work?

Can you flat iron wet hair?

Before we answer the question, let us see how a flat iron actually works. This works in a way similar to how an iron works on your clothes. Just like how this removes the creases from the clothes by using heat and pressure, hair irons straighten the hair using heat and electricity. So, when you are ironing your hair, you are actually applying pressure for the hair strands to become smooth and straight. This is achieved by electricity.

Also, the amount of heat that is applied on the hair strands will depend on how thick the hair is or on the quality of hair. More often than not, it is advised to use a hair iron on dry hair. When you actually wet your hair and then use the device, the hair is coated with a layer of water. Moreover, water is a good conductor of electricity. So when you apply the electricity on your hair, it can do more harm than good. This will scorch out your hair and make it dry; this is something you would not want on your hair. Dried hair leads to hair thinning which ultimately results in breaking and damaging the hair. This is not good news as it might cause hair fall and weakening.  

Wet to dry hair straighteners

A lot of straighteners are reportedly suitable for use on wet or damp hair. There are specific wet to dry hair straightening irons for this purpose. These are suitable for people who live in wet climatic conditions and the hair remains a little damp all the time.

How does a wet to dry hair straightener work?

This device works by using steam to get rid of the excess moisture from the hair strands. These irons are built with specifically designed vents that can allow the steam to escape through them and finally evaporate.

Pros and cons of using a flat iron on wet hair


  • This iron saves a lot of time for hair styling as they skip the phase of using a blow dryer to dry the hair before applying the iron. With such an iron, you can directly straighten your hair just out of the shower.
  • It works well in humid climates where the hair tends to react unusually. In these situations, the hair iron can help remove frizz from the hair and give it the much required smoothness.


  • These hair irons require the hair to be 90 to 95% dry before these can perform the action of drying.
  • Sometimes, the users have reportedly felt a shock while using these flat irons because of the passage of electricity over the thick water coating on the hair strands.

Even though these wet to dry flat irons can be useful in certain situations, they should not be used on a regular basis. The best option is to wait and let your hair dry than rush into styling options on wet hair. This will prevent your hair from going weak and eventually falling off due to lack of strength.

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