Can You Straighten Your Hair After You Dye It?

Most ladies having wavy or curly hair desire to straighten the same to make it look attractive. However, a question most likely to rise in the minds of women is whether one can straighten the hair after dyeing it. The answer to this is yes. If you are a lady that gets her hair colored, you can straighten your hair without bothering about it from getting damaged. After dyeing your hair you can choose to straighten it either permanently or style it with a flat iron only when you are getting dressed for an occasion. Both these methods are safe and will never bring about side effects on a colored or dyed hair.

Can You Straighten Your Hair After You Dye It?

Precautions To Take Before Straightening Dyed Hair

  • Do not blow dry colored hair much as the heat of a blow dryer can render your hair rough and dull.
  • Since dyes already have chemicals that get stuck to your hair when you color it, avoid using a shampoo or a conditioner that contains chemicals or contents of alcohol.
  • Ensure using a good quality hair masque before flat ironing dyed hair, as this will help you hair gain the strength required to bear up the heat of the straightener.

Things To Do Before Flat Ironing

Before straightened colored hair, it will be vital for you to wash your hair to get rid of the dust and pollution stuck to your hair. Once your hair is dried distribute an equal amount of heat protecting spray on the strands of your hair. Remember, the spray is meant for protecting your hair strands and not your scalp so never make the mistake of using it on your scalp. Alongside this, ensure using the adequate amount of smoothening balm on your hair. This will help your hair become soft and manageable.

Straightening Dyed Hair

To straighten dyed hair you will require:

  • A bottle of serum spray.
  • A ceramic plate based flat iron.
  • A mini straightener to straighten tiny locks.

The Process Of Straightening

  • Remember to brush your dyed hair thoroughly before you begin straightening it. This will help your hair get rid of knots which in turn will allow easy gliding of the straightener.
  • Once you are done combing or brushing your hair, lift a section of your hair with a comb and move the flat iron smoothly on it.
  • The movement of the flat iron should begin a few inches away from the root of your hair strands.
  • Bring the iron slowly down. However, the movement should be fluid like. Extra slow ironing can burn your hair strands.
  • If your hair is really rough, remember to spray serum on each section before you straighten it. This will protect your hair from getting burnt.
  • Continue with the straightening until you reach the middle sections.
  • Ensure using a good amount of serum spray while flat ironing the middle sections of your hair. This step should not be neglected as the hair strands in the middle are generally tender compared to the other sections and thus require great attention while getting straightened.
  • If your hair does not get the appearance you have desired all along, repeat straightening process again. However, avoid heating the iron too much as you will not require too much of heat to straighten semi-ironed hair.

Once you are done with the above, spray small amounts of serum liquid all over your hair to help your colored hair look glistening and attractive.

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