How To Flat Iron African American Hair Without Damaging It?

African American hair is usually wavy in appearance. Each strand of their hair is thick and strong from the root. The texture of the hair is rough and therefore requires great caution while straightening.

How To Flat Iron African American Hair Without Damaging It?

Things To Be Done Before Straightening

  • Ensure washing your hair two hours before you plan to straighten it. Flat ironing wet hair will cause damage to the same.
  • Use a hair masque or a conditioner to hydrate your hair once you are done washing it.
  • Avoid using a blow drier to dry your hair after washing it. Allow your hair to dry naturally as the heat of a blow drier can spoil the texture of your hair.
  • Once your hair is dry, take a dry towel and steam it. Use it tower to cover your hair to help your hair gain moisture.

The Straightening Process

The straightening process requires deep attention and care. To defend your hair from the effects of the best flat iron ensure using a heat protecting spay. Make sure that the spray you are using does not contain contents of alcohol as sprays containing the same can either burn your hair or render it dry. However, remember to use heat protecting spray on dry hair only. This is because heat protecting sprays consist of moisture that does not show any effect on wet hair.

Once you are done spraying the heat protecting spray equally on your hair, take some straightening balm in your palm and apply small amounts of it all over your hair. This will help your curls feel relaxed and soft.

How To Straighten

Coming to the actual duty, allow your flat iron to heat for a few minutes, precisely five to seven minutes, before using it on your hair. Ensure using a flat iron that comes with high quality ceramic plates. Adjust the heat control of your flat iron to get the heat that is required to straighten your hair. African American hair is curly and coarse and thus requires high heat temperature to straighten strands.

Ensure combing your curly hair before you begin straightening it. This will help you get rid of knots and help you flat iron your hair quickly. Do not forget to use serum when straightening your hair. This will help your hair get at attractive luster and also protect it from getting burnt.  Once you are done combing your hair, take a thin section of it and glide the iron slowly through the section. Continue doing the same until you reach the middle section of your hair. Use great caution when flat ironing the middle sections as these are often wavier than other sections of your hair. Do not get worried if your hair does not receive a perfectly straight appearance in the first go. Sections that are still slightly wavy can be ironed again. However, this time avoid heating the iron too much as your hair will be semi-straight and thus, would not require too much of heat for ironing.

Once you are finished, use a serum spray to give a finishing touch to your locks. You can also use a mini straightener to smoothen strands that are closer to your neck and scalp.

What is necessary to remember is that fluid movements are necessary to flat iron African American hair without damaging it.

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