How hot should a flat iron be

If you want to give yourself a new look then it is but natural that this change will involve your hair. Now there are a lot of hair styles to choose from starting from straight hair to giving your hair the curls you always wanted, the options are endless. But there is one piece of equipment which you will definitely need here and it is flat iron. This is a your one stop solution for great hair do but there are certain things you need to take care of before using it. The most important aspect of this flat iron which you should keep in check is the heat on the plates of the product. Getting the right temperature is key to using flat irons and therefore, let us take a closer look into the flat iron world and try to get the right temperature for your hair.

Is the flat iron too hot?

The first mistake which most of us do is crank up the temperature of the flat iron. Many of us are so impatient that they increase the level to save on time but not knowing that they are causing irreparable damage to their hair. So, next time you think about putting the temperature to the maximum limit, think again.

Keeping it low

On the flip side a section of women tend to be cautious as they think that putting the temperature to too hot will damage their hair and keep the temperature to the lowest setting. The problem here is that keeping it so low is equally damaging. The problem with low setting is you will need to go over each section of your hair over and over again to get it in the shape you need but the rule of thumb with flat irons is to apply them only once on every strand of your hair.

How hot should a flat iron be for

Now the issue with hair is that each type needs different temperature which is why we look at some very common type of hair below to help you understand the flat iron temperature better.

  • Thick hair, Curly hair: if you have this type of hair then you should go for a higher temperature. The reason for this is simple; the higher temperature here will assure you get to straighten your hair in one go.
  • Fine hair, Thin hair: now for people with fine here, it is advisable you put the temperature on a lower setting. This low temperature will prompt you to go over your hair over and over again, thus, allowing you to smoothen your hair which is perfect if you want smooth and shiny hair.

The right temperature

If you are stickler for rules then always remember that when using a flat iron, going above 400F is a strict no no. The reason here is that there is a protein in our hair known as keratin protein which melts at temperatures of 400F and above. It is essential for your hair and it melting away will never be good news for your hair, so steer clear of 400F.  If you are using it for domestic purposes then going for a temperature of 365F is fine but it can still damage your hair pretty bad as it leaves it vulnerable. The best temperature for your hair is 265F to 295F, so try to keep it to this temperature to get the best result.

Here is the table of temperature setting for hair type:

How hot should a flat iron be

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