How long should you keep a flat iron?

How long should you keep a flat iron

The life of a flat iron is not long. The duration of a top quality flat iron isn’t more than six months. A few tips could always help you preserve or rather prolong the lifetime of your flat iron. The content below consists of a few reliable tips which could help you preserve and prolong the durability and long lastingness of your flat iron today!

  • Giving your flat iron some extra time by caring for it wouldn’t hurt anybody. By caring for it a few minutes every day you could ensure its readiness next time when required for use. Cleaning a flat iron with a clean piece of cloth is therefore a must do and should be repeated on a daily basis to ensure a prolonged life for your straightener. This in turn would help you save yourself from bad hair days for a time period of more than six months for sure.
  • Once you are done using your ceramic flat iron turn off the settings to help the iron cool down. However, what’s meant to remembered is that fact that a flat iron tends to remain hot for a few minutes after being turned off. Allow the straightener to cool down before taking a step to clean it. Remember to unplug it immediately after use. This could help you save the life of your beloved straightener and have it for a period more than six months to yourself.
  • While allowing the hot iron to cool down, ensure the straightener is one that has been placed away from all plastic materials. You could also make use of a heatproof mat to lay the iron upon. By doing so you would be protecting your straightener to have a life longer than expected.
  • Prevent damage to your straightener in order to have it for a longer duration. Quite more than often any person using a straightener is sure to make use of heat protectant sprays before styling their hair. When a straightener is used after the application of styling products it is natural for the remnants to build up on the plates of the straightener after a particular period of time. These residues could damage the plates of your straighter and prevent you from having it for a period of six months or so. Also, these when applied and reapplied on your hair, thanks to the unclean straightener at hand, could lead to various hair problem especially causing split ends and breakage of the weak strands of your hair. A straightener is meant to glide over the sections of your hair smoothly. Keeping it clean would ensure a longer running life than expected.
  • When storing a flat iron remember not to wrap the power cord around it. By wrapping the power cord around the body of the straightener you would actually be laying stress upon its connection points which, if, disturbed could damage the life of the iron and the cord.

The tips given above should be read with utmost concentration. The content above should be considered to be a guide designed to help you prolong the durability of your straightener today!

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