How often should i flat iron my hair

Wanting to have straight and healthy hair is natural. However, in this process most of us end up having damaged hair that is not just frizzy but is full of split ends too. Learning to eliminating the dangerous chemicals could help you have a healthier hair. If you are looking to have straight attractive hair a flat iron is all you need to have for the day.

A flat iron is always safe and easy to use. It is convenient and produces results within minutes together. However, in case if you are a person wondering “how often should I flat iron my hair’’?the content below will help you gain knowledge about the same today!

Natural Hair

Natural HairNatural hair is always healthy and has its own luster. Straightening is in a salon could only lead to damaging that luster. Natural hair is most likely to get burnt when forced to come in contact with harmful chemical. It is in due accordance to this that sulfate oriented products should never be used on natural hair. Coming to the fact that a person with natural black hair would always crave for attractive straight hair, a straightener is always a must have. However, while straightening natural hair one should never forget the use of heat protectant spray well distributed to all sections of the hair. A flat iron is then easy to use but one should never forget that too much of anything is not good. Straightening your hair with the help of a flat iron on a daily basis could lead to a permanent damage of your hair. The heat slowly and gradually would get to you and damage the actual health of your hair. Straightening of hair with a flat iron is therefore safe and unsafe. Flat iron can or should be allowed to come in contact with your hair not more than one in a week. By doing so you would not just be maintain the actual health of your hair but would also prolong the actual duration of your flat iron. Also, stick to using your flat iron during occasions rather than having your hair styled on a daily basis. This could help your natural hair look different and longer than usual. A consistent look is what your hair would tend to have for more than six hours in a day.

Relaxed Hair

my relaxed hair

In case if you are a lady with beautiful relaxed hair, using a hair straightener is not ideal for you. Avoid using flat iron on a weekly basis to have the natural sleek of your relaxed hair on a permanent basis. A flat iron is ideal for frizzy to wavy hair. Thus, using it on relaxed hair on a regular basis would be a big mistake. However, if you crave to use the iron on your relaxed hair, using it once a month should be understood to be ideal for you.

Enjoy the use of a flat iron with intervals to maintain the beauty of your hair today!

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