How to clean a flat iron

Flat Iron Before CleaningHow fondly do we love that flat iron that gives our hair the perfect smooth touch? This is the perfect tool for all our parties, giving us the ‘good hair day’. But, since the hair is such a delicate part of our body, extra care is required to be taken about the quality of tools we use on it. We use a lot of hair products and oils. On the constant use of the flat iron for your hair, these chemicals might accumulate on the iron and lead to unequal heating. This is not good news since this causes improper straightening. This is why it is absolutely imperative that we keep our flat irons clean so that the hair stays in the best of shape. 

Cleaning a flat iron

We understand that chemical buildup on the flat irons might lead to a lot of problems. But cleaning a flat iron is not one of the easiest things around. This can be attributed to the fact that the device has a V-shaped structure which is not the easiest to handle. Fortunately, we have some ideas here that might help you in the process.

Clean a flat iron with baking soda

Clean a flat iron with baking soda

Baking soda is one of the best choices when it comes to the question of how to clean a flat iron. A paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide has the perfect ingredients to clean the device. This is most suitable for irons that have a thick layer of dirt settled on to it that is stubborn enough not to be eliminated by normal dusting. The first step would be directly applying the paste onto the flat iron. Allow it to sit like that for some time. Reaching the corners might be a little difficult. In that case, use a Q-tip to spread the paste evenly across the corners. The more important part here is removing the paste from the iron and cleaning it. Once the iron is heated, turn it off and wait for some time till it cools down a little. With a damp cloth, you could give one straight swipe across the device to clean it. Thereafter, another fresh cloth could be used for the same purpose. Once that is done, all that is left is to use some tissues to keep the plates dry for future use.

Clean a flat iron with rubbing alcohol

Alcohol provides a much more convenient option for cleaning your flat iron. The process is somewhat similar to that of baking soda.

Clean a flat iron with rubbing alcohol

The first process here would be cleaning the plates with water to remove the dust on the top surfaces. The more stubborn layers can be then dealt with alcohol. For starters, turn off the iron and unplug it. It should be allowed to cool down, but not entirely. Once that is done, moisten a piece of cloth with water for rubbing the plates. Make sure to use only a smooth piece of cloth, and not something that is ragged. Also, be extra careful while rubbing the flat iron in case the heat from the plate burns your hands. After the initial cleaning is done, alcohol is taken as a cleaner. Again, take a soft cloth and moisten it with rubbing alcohol and rub it on the plates. This will help you get rid of rigid dirt layers. You could use a wet cloth to clean the residual layers and your work is done! Wait till the plates are completely dry before plugging it in.

Clean a flat iron with relaxer

Coming to the third solution for the question of how to clean a flat iron, a relaxer might be of great help here. It is best if you can manage to get a mild or regular relaxer for these purposes. Keep the flat iron unplugged while you put a layer of the mild relaxer on the plates of the straightener. Make sure it is evenly spread out for best results. Once that is done, plug in the flat iron and turn it on. It is ideal if you can keep it like that for about 10 to 15 minutes. The more the dirt collected on the plates, the longer you need to keep it on. After that, turn it off and wait till it cools down to a normal temperature. The next step involves removing the relaxer from the plates. For this, you will need a soft cloth which is moistened with water. Gently wipe it on the plates to remove the product. If required, you could repeat the process on the dirty flat iron for best results. This method ensures that your titanium flat iron is as good as new. Another process here would be to first heat up the iron and wait for it to cool down for a few minutes. When it is still a little warm, use the relaxer on the plates and then, wait for a couple of minutes to wipe it off with a wet cloth. This is also effective against the dreadful layers of dirt that accumulate on your precious ceramic flat iron plates. 

Flat Iron After CleaningThese are some of the most effective measures against the buildup that develops on the iron plates. The best thing about these processes is that these can be followed at home without much hassle and thus eliminates huge responsibilities for maintaining the flat iron. But the problem is, we tend to keep the plates clean for as long as the product is new and has a new charm. Once it starts getting old, we usually neglect the maintenance part of it. If we can do some regular cleaning, there will be no stubborn buildup on the beautiful smooth plates that give your hair the best look.

If you use it only occasionally, some light cleaning with a wet cloth would do the trick. But for a more rigorously used product, you will need to spend quite some time for keeping the flat iron in good shape.

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