How to crimp your hair with a flat iron

Crimping your hair is such an interesting task for a girl who craves for new looks before any occasion of a hangout. If you want to crimp your hair, but do not have a curling iron or crimper, do not worry. This is because you can do the same with your hair, using a flat iron, and get a perfect crimped hair look, the kind you get only after visiting a salon. This article will help enlisting some methods that can be carried out to get different kinds of crimps with a straightener, whether tighter or looser crimps.

How to crimp your hair with a flat iron

How to crimp your hair with a flat iron video guide step by step:

Crimp your hair with a flat iron

The first method is for creating tight crimps using braids. You will need to start with dry and straight hair that is completely without any formation of tangles. Even if you have curly hair, it is always a better idea to straighten it first, for the creation of perfect manageable crimps that is frizz free. The next thing to do is the application of a styling mousse that will help your hair to hold the curls that your hair straight or not may not be able to hold. You will need to start with the lower part of the hair first. So, in order to accomplish this, you will need to tie your hair into a loose bun, and leave some in the lower part which will be crimped first.

After doing this, you will require to divide your hair into six different sections that will facilitate the process of obtaining tighter crimps. You need to try 0.5 to 1 inch wide sections for every tight crimp that you intend to build. Then, braid the divided sections properly, such that smaller the sections of braids, tighter will be the crimps you create. The smaller and tighter braids you make, it is better for your hair styling. If you desire more volume you will need to start braiding right from the root of the hair, whereas if you intend to get lesser volume, the idea is to star braiding half way down the hair. You should tie each of your braids carefully facilitated by small hair elastic.

The step towards the accomplishment of the task is the process of spraying each braid with a hair spray. Each braid is meant to be carefully sprayed with the help of a spray that protects it against any kind of damage and shields it against the heat you will apply to your hair for the formation of crimps. Spray it on the front and back of your braids, and also ensure you apply it evenly at the ends of your hair. This keeps your hair from getting too dry or rough and maintains its quality.

The next step refers to the application of a flat iron over each of the braids that you tied. You go about doing this in a fashion such that you begin near the roots and then move the iron down the length of your hair and keep it that way for a couple of seconds with the usage of your straightener. You continue this, by releasing one braid and pressing against another, and you might feel the requirement of making your hair straightener run through your braids twice for getting the crimps.

Now, what you should keep in mind is you cannot touch the braids immediately after ironing them. You will need to give it some time to get crimped, and thus, you should focus on your upper part of the hair such that your braids do not lose their crimps. Hence, take some time before you undo your braids.

Now, you can undo your bun and let your hair loose, while you divide it into six different sections and ensure each section holds an equal volume of hair, like you did to the lower part of your hair. Then, you carry out a repetition of the processes that you performed earlier, to the upper part of the hair. You will have to make braids, and then straighten them with the help of the flat iron. Also, before doing it, do not forget the application of the hair spray to protect your hair from getting too rough or dry and to keep it damage free from the heat.

Once your hair cools down, you can start undoing your braids. You should start from the lower part of the hair first. Make sure your hair cools down, before you take out the braids, else it will cause the crimps to fall out. Also, ensure you do not brush your hair immediately; this will make your hair quite fizzy. In case you feel your crimps are too tight, you could loosen it, by running your fingers through your hair, but make sure you do not use the brush on it. At the end of all of it, make sure you do not forget your hair spray. The application of the hair spray keeps the hair set in a definite position without having to do anything else on it, and it maintains the formation of crimps and helps you flaunt your style for quite a while.

Hence, by following these simple steps, you can get hair crimps sitting at home, even without going to a salon or without the requirement of a crimper, for all you need is a big flat iron or small flat iron.

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