How to curl short hair with a flat iron

2. How to curl short hair with a flat ironPeople all around the world has different hair with different colors with black hair being one of the most common and attractive color. You will notice that each person has varied preferences as far as hairstyles are concerned. With the African Americans being more into experimenting and trying out various hairstyles including dreadlocks and the European being more traditional. But for women all around the world, one of the most sought after hair style is curls. This is something which is even more prevalent in women with really short hair as getting curls for them is almost next to impossible.

The thing about short hair is that there are further categories in them. Starting from people with medium short hair to short thick hair and short thin hair you will have a multitude of different short hairs which requires treatment distinct from one another. The most common tool that you can use for curling these short hair are flat irons preferably a mini flat iron, a device that you will get in any electronic shop. It is really hard to get curls perfectly at the first go but if you are careful then it can be done. In your endeavor to get the curls of your dreams we will provide you with a step by step guide which will assist you all the through.

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Step 1: Preparing your hair

The first things that you should do while preparing to curl your short hair with the help of a flat iron is make your hair ready for the process. Here, you need to make sure that your hair is devoid of any form of water as even the mere wetness or dampness in your can have a disastrous result. Hence, you need your hair to be completely dry before using the flat iron on your hair. It is the reason most stylist will advice you that when you are going or curls then a hair which is at least a day old is much better and will hold the curls better as compared to a hair which has just been washed. This is a phenomenon which holds true for people with fine hair more than anyone else. Moreover, it is recommended that if your hair is on the more greasy side then it will not be a bad idea to apply some dry shampoo around your roots.

Step 2: Getting proper hair protection

There is no doubt that curls will definitely make your hair look good and also will make it look more voluminous but still you will need a heat protection spray for your hair. It is a fact that applying flat iron directly on your hair might leave them dry and out of shape. Therefore, people use these sprays to prevent such a thing from happening. This is why it is our recommendation that you ask your stylist or an expert who can advise you on which hair protection spray to use keeping in mind the texture and type of your hair.

Step 3: Getting the right flat iron


You will see that there are a number of different types of flat iron in the market to choose from. But since we are concentrating on short hair, your best bet will be a thin or mini flat iron. The main reason behind choosing such an iron for this type of hair is that here you will be able to wrap your hair a lot more times than in any other flat irons, hence, it will help you get much more curls than you would normally have with a wider one. Moreover, if you end up using a wider flat iron then there are more chances that your hair will be wavy and not curly, which is not what you want.

Step 4: Setting the right temperature

With the help of the flat iron you would want to have curls in your hair and not burn them, which is precisely why you need to set it to the right temperature. The rule of thumb with setting the temperature of the flat iron is that you set it to the lowest. For instance, you will see that short thick hair will need a temperature of 420 °F whereas for short fine hair you will need it somewhere around 320 °F.

Step 5: Separating your hair

 In order to get the curls perfectly you will need to first separate your hair into different sections. This will help you to curl each part of your correctly and you will be much more organized with the whole process. For starters you need to clip the hair around the ear region together and put it on top of your hair so that it is properly separated and doesn’t cause any hindrance while the curling process.

Step 6: Beginning the process

The first thing that you will need to do here is hold a section of the separated hair preferably from the bottom half which will be no more than an inch in width. Then place a mini flat iron close to the roots of the hair and turn it in a U shape and keep it in that position for some time. Next, pull it slowly through the hair so that the curls can become firmer. Now continue the same process with the remaining sections of the hair. One thing that you should remember while curling hair close to your face is to steer the flat iron into a different direction from your face to avoid the hot curled hairs from falling on your face.

Step 7: Giving the curl a shape

Once you are finished curling all the sections it is time for you to give a shape to these curls. It is recommended that you do it as soon as the curling process is complete. The reason being that the hair hot and will take the shape you want, something which will be hard to do once the hair has cooled down. In order to give shapes to these curls you can use both strong and mild hair sprays but if you are looking for a natural solution then you can simply let your fingers do the work.

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