How To Cut Your Own Hair With Clippers?

Cutting your own hair can be a great experience and it lets you get a little creative and make your own hairstyle, not to mention that getting something like a buzz cut will save you some money in terms of going to a barber. Follow these tips on how to cut your own hair using best professional hair clippers and you won’t be disappointed with your next awesome hair cut that you gave yourself.

What You Will Need

In order to cut your own hair you are going to require a few things. To get the job done you will need a big mirror, a well-lit area, a towel (for keeping the hair off of your body and clothes), and of course the clippers. You need to be sure to get a pair of clippers that isn’t terrible. You really need a new pair of clippers or at least new blades because you want to be sure that the clippers are sharp. You will need to use the different length guards that the clippers come with in order to cut your hair properly. Also, if you don’t want to give yourself a complete buzz cut you will also need scissors and a comb. You should probably have a vacuum handy as well in order to clean up the mess afterward.

Choosing A Hair Cut

Of course the first thing that you will need to do is to choose the hair cut that you want to give yourself. You can choose from haircuts like the buzz cut, the flat top, the induction cut, the high and tight, or even a Mohawk. It really depends on what your own preference is.

Getting Started

You will want to start by using the quarter inch guard and start with the back of your head. Use the little arm to adjust the strength of the cut depending on how thick your hair is. Start with the back and use an upstroke to work from the bottom of the back of the head and also work on the sides. Always use your hand to make sure that the clippers don’t go up too high. Also use the fade out technique by slowly pulling the clippers away as you get close to the top; this is to ensure that the transition area between shorter and longer hair looks smooth and seamless. Don’t clip the hair on the top of your head so use your hand to stop yourself from cutting up too high. Don’t cut the sides or the front yet because you will want to use a slightly longer guard for the rest.


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Now you will want to attach the 3/8 inch guard and continue to cut your hair by moving on to the top of your head. Work further up the side and the back to include the top of the head. Get around the ears; you will move to the quarter inch guard to work around the ears and trim the transmission areas neatly. Try to remember exactly what you did on one side in order to make the other side as even as possible.

The Front

Attach the half inch guard in order to clip the hair on the front of your head. Move from the front of your head to the back. The length of the clipper guard that you choose does depend on the type of haircut you are giving yourself so keep that in mind.

The Neck

Place your finger on your hairline on the back of the neck and take the guard off of the clippers. Moving carefully straighten out the hairline on the back of the neck. If you want you can use a shaving razor to do this as well. You should use something like a belt and tie it around your neck to get an even line along the back of your head.


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General Tips

One thing to remember when using clippers to cut your own hair is to always cut against the grain or the direction in which the hair grows. Cutting against the grain will ensure that all of the hair you want to remove will pass through the clipper blades. If you are not sure which way your hair grows then simply run your fingers through it to find out. To get a clean cut and to make the hair easier to cut you should also make it damp using a spray bottle; if it dries then dampen it again.

Another thing that you should do before beginning the haircut is to get familiar with the clippers and turn them on and off to see how they function before getting started on your own head. Make sure that you know how all of the parts function and how to change the guards too.

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