How to flat iron hair without damage

Straightening natural hair with a flat iron is the easiest way to get straight hair. Those with black hair often fear the consequences of straightening their naturally thick hair. Thanks to the modern techniques available one can now overcome their fears of having their hair damaged by using a hair straightener or a flat iron. If you know exactly what you’re doing, things are going to be easy and pleasing for you. Given below are a few steps which, if, well followed, would lead to having beautiful straight hair without causing damage to a single strand on your head.

How to flat iron hair without damage

11 Simple steps for flat iron hair without damage

  • First, start off with dry hair for excellent results. Ensure combing through it while allowing your flat iron to heat up.
  • Second, use heat protectants on your locks and other sections of your hair to help protect it from heat damage. This could be well distributed by combing through your hair a few times after the protectant has been sprayed.
  • Third, split your hair and clip them into a multiple sections to make things easier for you. Avoid being rough with your hair as this could only lead to you damaging it further.
  • Fourth, to section your hair like a professional in a salon beginning with the under section would be intelligent on your part.
  • Fifth, avoid using pin clips to secure your hair. Elastic rubberbands or clutches would prove to be rather beneficial as far as securing sections of your hair is concerned.
  • Sixth, take smaller sections and secure them and be slow in case of thick hair. This should be done to prevent strand breakage under all circumstances.
  • Seventh, once you’re done securing the sections open each section (one at a time) and hold it in a grip ready to be straightened. Use a narrow-toothed comb to comb through it before bringing it in contact with the heat of your flat iron.
  • Eighth, hold the section tight once combed and place it in between the ceramic plates of the straightener. Hold the flat iron as close to the roots as possible and slide it down slowly to the tip of your hair. This step should be repeated for every section in a fluid movement for excellent results. In case if your hair is extra frizzy and the straightener is unable to provide you with the best results in the first go, you could always repeat the step over the section. Remember to heat the iron a bit more than usual this time.
  • Ninth, remember to apply a hair spray or serum that is of course alcohol free for sleek results.
  • Tenth, for women living in humidity, application of a humidity repellent serum is a must do after straightening.
  • Eleventh, in case if you wish to add a bit of style to your straighten hair; a curling iron could do the trick. Ensure having the right temperature for your hair, as a curling iron heats up faster than a flat iron.

So here is all you need to know. Eleven easy steps to ensure beautiful straight hair with a flat iron have now been placed before you. A little effort in reading the content above could help you save your hair from damage. A flat iron is always easy and safe and the best way to straighten your hair today!

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