How to get beach waves with a flat iron

How to get beach waves with a flat iron

Beach waves creation is a wonderful task to make your hair look perfect for the summers, or to set your hair perfect for the party season in the winters. Whatever you do, all you need is a flat iron to accomplish this task, and you could thereby get wonderful beach waves made in your hair that will look really stylish and attractive. Whether you have long or short hair, you can create beach waves on any type of hair. To achieve this, you need to follow a couple of methods and steps.

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The first step to this is to dry your hair

This is because drying the hair is a very important step to do for the purpose of ironing it. The curling of the hair works best when the hair is dry. It happens to be most effective that way; else the hair is just not perfect for curling it. Wet hair is not the correct step to use your iron on it, as it can damage your hair and make it rough. Now, after drying your hair, the next step you follow to make beach waves, is to switch on your iron, and arrange its settings for the right amount of curling. The ordinary iron that is dual sided is quite an appropriate choice for this task. The iron might need a little bit of heating before application on the hair. If the iron is enabled with specific settings, then it is good enough to keep it on for a minute or two to avoid the process of overheating that too could damage your hair quality. The size of the iron of about one inch will be perfect to accomplish this job.

The next step to follow is the process of sectioning your hair

The process of sectioning your hair helps to curl it properly by pinning the top part of your hair that makes the curling of the strands easy. However, sectioning of the hair is not a compulsory step, and it can be done without sectioning the hair, and plainly curling the strands separately. Although this could result in better curls, but the process is more time consuming.

Starting the process of curling your hair, you need to know that you have to start from three to four inches down your hair. This is because it is not a wise step to start curling from the top, as it could make your hair look puffy. You are to start this by putting about 1-2 inches of hair into the iron to get the curling process done. Once you have put your hair in the iron, just hold it in the same position by folding it backwards, in a direction away from the face, and manage to carry it on for a period of a couple of seconds.

The following step is the folding of the hair forward

Now make the iron move down your hair, about 2-3 inches before folding it forward in a direction opposite to the previous direction of folding.

Now, you can carry on this process for a while to get your curls down the length of the hair in order to get perfect beach waves. You have to continue the process of folding your hair backwards and forwards. To achieve best curls, what you can do is leave the hair untouched for about two to three inches from the bottom of the hair. This gives it a natural and flowing look and provides the perfect setting for the curling of hair. Now you continue this process by taking two to three inches of hair in a strand and applying the iron heat, until you achieve the creation of the beach waves on all strands. And in case you have carried out the sectioning of your hair, you have to remove the clip and use the chunks of hair to do the same. You might want to avoid the hair getting clumped together. To curl the outer parts of the hair, you can clip the top part and curl the rest.


The step to examine your hair and see if you have perfectly managed to create the beach waves that you needed in your hair. You require to now put a mirror at the backside of your head to analyse if you have curled your hair evenly throughout. This process is carried out to judge and accomplish the uniformity of the curling of hair. If there are more beach waves on one side, you can create the same amount on the other side to strike a balance. The last step to this is the usage of hair spray on your hair. This gives you the perfect setting of beach waves in your hair. The hair spray gives a salon look to your hair and sets it up in a manner  that the your hair remains the way you curled it, and you can go on with the curls now to any party or occasion and not worry about the curls getting back o normal. This is how the application of the hair spray becomes very important for your hair, and also that of the straightener and braids.

The steps mentioned above will help you obtain a good classy look with great hair attributes. The creation of beach waves only refers to making your hair curlier, with the degree of curling being so high that it almost looks similar to the creation of beach waves in your hair. This gives you a proper party look that you can carry with any kind of dress that you choose to wear. All you need to do is also consider the ill effects of the application of heat and spray on your hair, and thereby take necessary precautions such that it does not cause any considerable damage to your hair. This could be done by maintaining a degree of heating of the iron before applying it on the hair, and also the application of the hair serum that makes your hair look smooth, and keeps it fine, even with tolerable amounts of heat being applied.

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