How to get silky straight hair with a flat iron

How to get silky straight hair with a flat iron

Are you tired of looking at your natural hair all day long? Do you crave for silky and straight hair quite more than often? Here is a solution to your problem. You can now get fabulous and healthy looking silky straight hair within minutes together. All you need to do is use a flat iron along with a few additional steps mentioned below.

Step 1

Ensure washing your hair two hours before straightening it with a flat iron. This is because flat iron works best on dry hair. Remember to use sulfate free hair products while washing your hair. Your hair is precious to you and should not be damaged under any circumstance, whatsoever.

  • By avoiding sulfates you could protect your hair from become frizzy. Going out of the way would help you find the best shampoo for your hair. Remember additional effort is always worth the magic.
  • Alcoholic shampoos like those made out of beer should always be avoided before straightening your hair.

Step 2

Avoid using terrycloth towels. Terrycloth towels leave traces of fiber on your hair which if not removed on time could make your hair frizzy and dull. Using of thin materials or old T-shirts should be understood as an option in this case.

Step 3

Avoid using narrow-toothed plastic combs. These combs when used on wet hair result in hair fall and quite more than often thinning of hair. Wide-toothed plastic combs on the other hand could easily help you to detangle your hair. Avoid using hair brushes on wet hair if detangled straight hair is what you’d prefer after a hair wash.

Step 4

Once your hair begins to dry make it a point to use a heat protectant lotion. Sprays of these sorts are available and should be opted for as they often work like magic. These sprays often help a person by ensuring an equal distribution of the content on all sections of your hair.

Step 5

A gentle blow drying should be ensured after using the heat protectant spray. This would help your hair have the adequate balance meant for straightening.

Step 6

Once you are done drying your hair with the gentle heat of the blow drier bring out your ceramic coated flat iron. Heat the iron for a couple of minutes. However, while the iron is getting heated an application of a little more of the heat protectant lotion would never hurt. This should in fact be ensured to protect your hair getting damaged from the heat that it is yet to come in contact with.

  • Split your hair into sections and secure them with clips. This would help you have equal parts to hold and straighten.
  • Once the flat iron is heated, use it to begin straightening of your hair. The process of straightening should be slow. The straightening should be used a few centimeters of an inch away from the root down to the actual length of your hair. Complete each section carefully and slowly in order to get excellent results.
  • Ensure having salon quality irons to save your hair from being damaged.

Step 7

Once you are done straightening your hair, a dry texture is what you shall feel and your hair shall face. A usage of anti-humidity creams, hair styling creams and a shine spray would help you have a long lasting silky effect all day long.

  • Avoid using alcohol based hair sprays if a silky hair effect is something that you’d prefer to have all day long.

Use the guide above to get both silky and straight hair today!

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