How to keep natural hair straight after flat ironing

How to keep natural hair straight after flat ironingEvery problem has a solution. Those women who hate their natural hair and flock for nothing but straight hair often end up spending a lot of money at salons. However, in case if you are one of those, it would be vital for you to know that there is always an easier way out to sort your problem at hand. Since, straight is what you want and would most obviously prefer for yourself, using a flat iron could help you have beautiful straight hair that is neither damaged nor destroyed.

Using gels and visiting salons for attractive straight hair could leave your hair damaged. There are a couple of ways that if, followed well could help you have beautiful straight hair after using flat iron.

Tips To Follow Before Using A Flat Iron

  • First, in case of oily hair ensure washing your hair thoroughly with a branded shampoo and conditioner. Application of hair moose on wet hair would work life magic. Do not forget to rinse once the process is over.
  • Second, do not forget to rinse with cold water if a conditioner is the only thing you plan to apply after a shampoo. Using warm water would lead to thinning of your hair and should therefore, be avoided under all circumstances.
  • Third, avoid drying your hair with a hair drier, natural drying would help your hair have a balance meant for straightening.
  • Fourth, once your hair is dry make it a point to use a comb or a hair brush to brush your hair straight. This too would help your hair level up for the procedure to follow.

Tips to Remember While Using A Flat Iron

  • Use the right size of flat iron. The size of the flat iron totally depends upon the length of your hair.

Use the right size of flat iron

  • Ensure adjusting the settings of the iron before using it on your hair. Heating the iron at low heat for a minute or two could be useful before getting started off with the tool.
  • Before using the iron ensure that the metal to tough your hair is one that is ceramic.
  • Ensure sectioning your hair by securing each section with a clutch before allowing the heat to come in contact with your hair.

Tips To Follow To Keep Your Hair Straight After Using A Flat Iron

  • Once all the section of your hair is covered by the straightener, three drops of serum should be added to the middle of your palm and thereafter massaged gently your hair.
  • Avoid using serum from the root of your hair to protect your hair from damage.
  • Ensure using the serum a few centimeters/ inches away from your scalp to help your hair have the shine.
  • Gels from branded companies could also be used as options after the application of serum on your already straightened hair. This would not just help your hair remain straight but would also help it remain set and straight for a longer period of time.
  • Using a smoothener instead of a serum could also work the trick. This is less damaging than a gel and should be used a few inches away from the scalp.
  • Once you are done using the serum to protect and maintain your straight hair, brushing instead of combing could be an option tried. Combing your hair could lead to a mess if the serum is not aptly applied to all sections while brushing the same would leave you with a smoother finish.
  • Avoid contact with water after using a flat iron if a long lasting result is what you desire. Sprinkling water instead of using serum on your already straightened hair would be a big mistake as the entire effort would go for a toss.
  • Once the procedure is complete sit under the cool breeze of a fan to help your hair set. This would help your hair hold on to its position until fiddled with by a comb or rinsed with water.

The content above is sure to guide you into having a long lasting effect after straightening your hair with a flat iron. Enjoy the long lasting result by paying attention to every word mentioned above today!

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