How to repair damaged hair from flat iron

How to repair damaged hair from flat iron?

There are a number of hair-styling options today and the best flat iron is an absolutely irreplaceable part of the tool kit. The brilliant new style that you sport can be achieved very easily using a hair iron. The device uses electricity for applying heat and pressure to achieve the feat of perfectly straightened hair. However, misusing these tools might lead to severe consequences for your hair. Damaged hair is not good news as it can cause hair fall and hair weakening. This is why we have to be careful before using these devices. But what happens if the hair accidently gets damaged? Let us see.

How to repair damaged hair from flat iron?

Usually, the hair iron is used for straightening and smoothening your hair. But there are situations when repeated usage can cause the hair to become weak and the strands are unable to hold on to the required moisture. This causes hair fall and your hair becomes frizzy and dry. This is when we need to take some measures in order to fix the quality of your hair. Here are some steps that you can take:

  • Trim your hair:

One of the most effective ways of spreading damage in your hair is by trimming the ruined part. This can protect the healthy part of the hair for best results.

  • Cleanse your hair:

If your hair is damaged, make sure to clean it before you apply any other treatment. This will help you remove the excess dirt and debris from the strands.

  • Moisturize your hair:

Misuse of hair irons can cause your hair to become frizzy and dry. This takes away the moisture retaining capacity of the hair strands. For this reason, you need to renew the moisture content of it. Thus, using a moisturizing shampoo here can do wonders to your hair. The most appropriate moisturizer for your hair would be one that contains cermaides, nutrients, antioxidants, and protectors against UV-A and UV-B.

  • Protein treatment:

You hair has lost the required nutrients from it due to excessive straightening. The need of the hour is a treatment that can replace the lost proteins. Using a protein conditioner could help you in this situation to fill up the cracks in your hair’s cuticle.

  • Dry your hair before ironing it:

One of the most important instructions for dealing with damaged hair is drying it before applying the iron’s heat. A hair straightener can really harm your hair if used on wet hair since water is a good conductor of electricity and this causes the strands to become weak. The water layer on the hair can be made to boil with the excess heat leading to hair damage. So, in order to prevent further damage, either blow-dry your hair or towel dry it before you use the iron.

  • Applying serum:

A serum that contains dimethicone, when used just before you iron your hair, can hugely benefit it. This is a chemical that melts on receiving the heat treatment. Hence, it forms a protective coating around the hair that prevents further damage of your hair by the straightening iron.

Your flat iron must be in proper working condition for you to keep your hair safe. If it is damaged, it is time to change it.

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