How to straighten your hair with a flat iron

How to straighten your hair with a flat iron

Straight hair is something very easy to get using a flat iron sitting at home, and one of the best ones to use for this purpose is the ceramic flat irons. It is one of the best materials that you could have your flat irons made of as it leads to the least damage in the hair and keeps it from getting rough and frizzy. This is due to the fact that ceramic heat irons produce a segment of negative ions and infrared heat that gets hidden in the moisture as you straighten your hair with the application of the heat. This will help you straighten your own hair, perfectly. You cannot achieve this without a flat iron. By ensuring you take appropriate measures, such as applying proper hair techniques, using a flat iron, before and after the straightening process, you can keep your hair damage free and protect it from application of heat.

Straightening your hair with a flat iron only requires the right technique and a little bit of patience. Learn about the best way to straighten hair with a flat iron with help from a dedicated hair stylist in this video clip.

How to straighten your hair with a flat iron step by step guide

The first step towards this is preparing the hair for the application of heat. You will need to wash your hair, using an appropriate shampoo and conditioner. This is a fast method. You must take care that you choose to shampoo and conditioning products that are specially made to make your hair straighter and keeps it away from damage. You would not require buying expensive products but you can find something that is easily available at a drug store or beauty store nearby. You will need some product that is good for the purpose of straightening and moisturizing the hair.

The next step towards this is making your dry after washing it thoroughly. You need to use your towel to remove the excess amount of water from your hair. You need to keep it dry by squeezing parts of it in sections and preventing the excess amount of fizz after taking the shower. Next you do, is the application of the hair serum on the wet hair. The application of the serum makes it go smooth without the creation of clumps in the hair, and you will need to comb your hair with a proper comb that is wide-toothed. You need to have products such as nut oil or coconut oil that will help to keep your hair straight throughout the day.

The next process is to blow dry your hair, and remove most of its moisture. This is because perfectly dry hair provides the perfect setting to start straightening your hair. Keeping the hair as dry as possible helps in the process of straightening the hair, and makes the flat iron work really better, and also prevents it from receiving any kind of unwanted heat shocks.

The next step is to learn the technique of straightening the hair.  You should start by dividing your hair into segments, and straightening each at one time. For this purpose you can clip one part of the hair and straighten the other part. This will keep your hair free from tangles. If your hair has the tendency of becoming fizzy, you must use a hair serum and apply it on each part after straightening it to keep it from getting rough.

Straighten your hair with a flat iron

The next thing to do is the usage of a blow dryer on your hair. Before using it, make sure you keep it on the lowest air flow setting. You can blow dry your hair after straightening it, and then brush it carefully to give it a smoothening effect. Then you can apply a hair spray to your hair. This provides the perfect setting to your straightened hair and keeps it straight all day long. For this purpose, it is particularly useful to use a silicone contained serum that provides anti fizzy feel to your hairdo.

Another important tip to keep in mind is the usage of an umbrella to keep your hair in proper health, in case you live in a climate that is subjected very hot and humid, and adds moisture to your hair. Hence, you should keep in mind the rules and regulations while straightening your hair. This process is applicable for both guys and girls, for the purpose of straightening your hair, and is certainly the best way you can go about it, for both long and short hair. You do not need expensive products to carry this out, whether you use a cheap straightener or a straightener at home, it yields almost the same results if you manage to follow the techniques enlisted above. The measures listed above will give you a good attractive look, with a good health to your hair, that makes it apt for you to appear at parties and other important occasions that needs you to spot a stylish and happening good, and the best part being the fact that a straight hair do will go with most of the attires that you might want to get decked in.

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