How to take care of natural hair?

Taking care of natural hair might seem like a lot of work, so we’ve made a breakdown of the most important steps to help you establish your routine more easily. You should care for your hair every day, not just try to fix the damage that you’ve done with expensive quick solutions that might or might not work. This way your hair will become healthy and that’s the first requirement of making it beautiful too.

How to take care of natural hair?

  • Washing

The frequency of washing is very variable for every individual. Most people wash their hair about once a week, but others can wash only once a month. You must consider whether you lead an active lifestyle, if you sweat more, you need to wash it more often. Don’t do it too often (every day is an absolute NO) and use smaller amounts of gentler sulfate-free shampoos diluted with water.

  • Conditioning

Conditioning helps keep moisture in your hair so it can be strong and less prone to damage. You should condition it with leave in products after every wash and use deep conditioning at least once every two weeks. It’s especially important you don’t skip this part if your hair is dyed or otherwise chemically treated, Conditioner will help you not lose vital proteins from your hair that are lost trough everyday manipulation and stress from chemicals, thermal treatments, and sun exposure.

  • Moisturizing

Try applying protective oils once a day and reduce if this seems too much. Cover entire length of your hair but focus on your ends especially, Don’t use too heavy oils like castor oil, instead, opt for coconut oil, Amla oil, jojoba or grapeseed oil. It’s not a bad idea to do this before you go to bet, that way the oil will distribute evenly and your hair won’t be too weighed down.

  • Detangling

This can be the most unpleasant part of your natural hair routine. Do not try to detangle completely dry hair, use some kind of moisturizer to help you, but don’t try to detangle completely wet hair either, it’s most prone to breaking then. Be patient, otherwise, you’ll pull out chunks of your hair. Get help from a friend if you can’t see any tangled strands on the back side of your head. Start from the ends of your hair all the way to the roots using your fingers or an extremely gentle brush. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase

  • Styling and maintenance

Protective styles such as cornrows, twists or Bantu knots are a great way to let your hair rest if you want to let it grow more. It can help you save time on daily styling but make sure nothing is too tight and your hair doesn’t get pulled or strained. If you want to proudly wear a healthy mane, make sure you don’t stress it too much with heat, no more than two times a month.  Your hear will be beautiful as long as it’s healthy and strong.

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