Products to straighten Curly Hair

Those of you who have curly hair might at some point wished for long straight and silky hair. This is a basic human trait and it is just the opposite for people with straight hair. The trend shows that more people tend to opt for straight hair these days and hence the hair treatment units are in demand. You can also straighten your hair easily at home if you wish to but the only trouble is that it will not be permanent straightening in that case.


Firstly in order to straighten curly hair, there are a few precautions to keep in mind. They are:

  • The hair should be completely dry before you start the straightening process.
  • You must detangle your hair to the maximum before straightening. This is especially applicable for curly hair, as otherwise it become very messy and the knots are difficult to remove.
  • The heat of the straightening device should be measured before applying on the hair, as too much heat damages the keratin of the hair.
  • Do not take hair in a bulk to straighten, handle a few strands at a time for that perfect finished looks.

Compared to straight hair, curly hair is a little tricky to handle and straighten as well. But it is said ‘ where there is a will, there is a way’ and so these days a lot of products are available in a bulk marketed by a number of different companies at the different range of prices, that ease it the straightening process.

With the advent of the newest products and the new technologies, it is very easy and quite less time consuming compared to the past. Curly hair can be straightened within minutes these days by using certain useful and affordable products.

What all will you need?

There are a few products that you will need in order to straighten your curly hair. The products to straighten curly hair, on the basis of their importance, are:

  • A straightening device – most important thing that you will need to straighten hair is for obvious reason is a hair ironing machine or a straightening device. There are a number of straightening devices available in the markets these days and all of them are of different specifications and price ranges. These electronic devices make use of heat to press the strands of hair between two hot plates available and in order to give it a comparatively straightened look.
  • A heat protector cream – these heat protector creams are essential these days as some of the straightening devices tend to produce a huge amount of heat and this heat is capable of harming the hair. Heat protector creams of various companies save the hair from that damage by producing a film over the hair and protects it right from the follicle to the tip.
  • Hair smoothening serum – these serums can be used to smoothen the hair strands. This is especially applicable for curly hair. By using it straightening curly hair is even more convenient these days.

Hair smoothening serum

  • A brush, not a comb – do not use a comb while straightening. The brush will give a complete and a very stylish look to your hair after blow drying which the comb will not be able to give.

Overall there are a number of other products that can be useful in order to keep you hair healthy and safe while straightening. We are sure you can spend a few bucks in order to get long straight and healthy hair in just a few minutes, do not miss them. It is for your own good.

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