How to Take Care of Your Hair to Make It Grow Faster

How to Take Care of Your Hair to Make It Grow Faster

There are numerous beauty products in the market that promise to make your hair grow exponentially within a short period of time. Unfortunately, this type of handy formulation does not yet exist. While there are great ingredients that will augment growth, the primary key to luscious locks is hair care. In simple terms, your lifestyle, hair handling habits and general well-being can affect the rate of growth. Consider using these simple hair care guidelines to promote long and healthy growth.

Consume Healthier Food

Proper nutrition is a critical aspect to consider if you want your hair to grow longer. Basically, the hair cells that support the growth of the actual hair need to be nourished sufficiently. Moreover, hair is essentially a protein filament, so malnutrition will limit its potential. As part of your hair care regime, ensure that you are eating enough proteins as well as omega-3 fatty acids which also form the hair shaft. Common sources of the acids include fish, olive oil and walnuts.

Vitamin B complex is also critical in healthier hair growth; it nourishes the follicles, prevents premature balding and gives the hair flexibility. In fact, oral hair supplements are B-complex products. Other important nutrients include zinc, selenium, copper, iron and vitamins A, B and C. Great foods to incorporate into your diet include eggs, spinach, cheese, milk, broccoli, whole grains and salmon as well as fruits and water.

Massage the Scalp

You can stimulate the performance of your hair follicles by performing a scalp massage, which promotes blood flow to the area. Stimulated follicles are more active and will promote faster growth of hair. Ideally, you should have a professional perform the task, but it is cheaper and more convenient as a home task. For this hair care practice, apply warm oil to the scalp and hair. Use your fingers rub this area in circular motions and then rinse out the air. You can use most oils, including coconut, olive, almond, jojoba and argan oil. You should also note that flipping your head and hair upside down will also promote better scalp circulation.

Shampoo Responsibly

There are different opinions on how often you should wash and shampoo your hair. The fact is that there is no standard period which can work for all people. After all, individuals have different types of hair, scalps and lifestyles. However, it is still not prudent to shampoo daily. These cleaning products are designed to strip grease from the locks, so this means that you will also lose the natural essential oils. This will leave your hair brittle and vulnerable to breakage.

In ideal circumstances, you should wash the hair every three days or two times per week. If your hair is oily or you work out regularly, you can increase the frequency. If you are rarely exposed to sweat-inducing situations, you can wash your hair once a week but do not exceed two weeks. When you shampoo, you can use warm water to wash the hair, but rinse with cold water to seal in the moisture. Also, find a shampoo that works for you and stick with it.

Condition Your Hair

You should use conditioner every time you wash your hair. While it might seem like too much work, this negligence could be what is stunting your hair growth. Basically, your hair will grow weaker and thinner due to exposure, heat treatment colouring and handling. Regular conditioning will replace the lost protein and lipids. Consequently, your hair will experience continual growth since your body will not expend resources on replacing fallen shafts. Additionally, conditioning always makes the hair look healthier and luscious.

Brush with Care

Your brushing habits could be affecting your hair growth. It is important not to constantly brush your hair while styling it to gage the performance. This is because the strands will be exposed to too much strain and break unnecessarily, setting you back. In addition, you should always carefully detangle your hair from the ends to the scalp. The natural instinct is to brush wet hair from the scalp to the ends. However, this gathers’ up the tangles into a knot which is often impossible to detangle, so you end up losing hair.

Practice Deep Treatment

Conditioning hair restores the oils and lipids into the strands. However, this is not sufficient to keep your hair thriving and growing in the long-term. Therefore, you should consider using some form of deep treatment to properly nourish the hair and promote growth. Ideally, you should use oil or mask treatment every week for this task. For the former, you can mix several natural oils. For example, a cup of coconut oil and one spoon of jojoba and almond should do the trick. Apply the mixture to your damp hair and allow this to sit for ten or so minutes. After this, shampoo and condition as usual. Alternatively, purchase hair mask treatment and use as instructed.

Trim Regularly 

Trimming hair does not make your hair grow faster, contrary to the common misconception. However, it is a crucial process if you want to keep your hair long and promote continual growth, make the scissors your comrade. Basically, hair forms split ends due to brushing, heat treatment and exposure to unsuitable conditions. If these ends are not dealt with, they will continue to rise high on the strand and your hair will eventually break off. You can prevent this by having an expert cut off an eighth of an inch after approximately ten weeks.

Additional Hair Care Guidelines

You should consider taking some supplements to augment your diet. You can consult your physician on the best options, particularly with regard to Vitamin B-complex. You should also invest in some herbal treatments for your hair. For example, rosemary stimulates the hair follicles, so it is a great choice for better growth. Other herbs which will make hair grow faster include green tea, sage, nettle and catnip. You should consider switching your regular hair towel with a microfiber alternative. This type does not have fibres which trap and cut your hair, particularly around the face. Therefore, you can tie it like a turban without damaging your hair.

Finally, if you have put in extensive efforts but you are still experiencing hair loss, damage and general unhealthy locks, you should schedule an examination with a doctor. Some medications like beta-blockers, birth control pills and steroids as well as conditions such as hormonal imbalance, infections and chronic illnesses can result in poor hair growth.

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