The hair style you must know in 2017

If you are looking for some inspiration in matters of trendy hair styles for 2017, you have come to the right place. Here are some hot hairstyles for you to try out. From working an ombre/sombre, to dyeing your hair the colors of the rainbow, to trying some up-dos and plaits, you will find ahead a few hair trends that we hope you’ll love to try for 2017.

1. Balayage

In fact, rather than being a look, Balayage is a technique. The word “balayage” is the French term for the word “sweep”. For a while now, this has been the hottest color technique out there and there are no signs of popularity loss. It keeps growing in popularity and 2017 could mark the right moment for you to try it out.
This hair coloring technique consists in applying the color straight from a board onto the hair instead of classic foil highlights. That approach makes it a kind of “colorist free-hand” technique.
Balayage improves the visual approach to hair coloring. The main idea is to create shade and light through the hair by applying color with a paddle board and a brush. This way, the hair gets a beautiful dimension, with natural looking, sun-kissed effects including highs and lows.

2. Extreme Side Partings

According to Glamour, the extreme side partings hair style is pretty trendy in 2017. As the name suggests, it is all about severe partings on the sides. You can part your hair by using plenty of product in order to keep the fly-aways in place, making sure it all keeps on the side.

3. Eye-Length Fringe

If you are looking for some change, but still afraid to go for a big chop, you may choose a long bangs hair style. Without to take off a lot of your hair length, this style could prove the ideal way to change up your look. It basically consists in fringe that hits right at the eye. The bonus here is that long bangs are incredibly versatile. For instance, you could pin your fringe back or sweep them to the side one day and center your fringe another day. Loner bangs could always be styled in various interesting ways. With adding some product to the ends you can go for a more textured, piece-y fringe.

4. Mid-Length Chops

The mid-length chops have been already popular for years. However, in its 2017 version, this hairstyle is a bit different. Now, this mid-length style comes with a lot more layers. This is stylish and fun. In case that you already have a shoulder-length hairstyle, it may not even be necessary to take off any length. By cutting in some texture, your stylist could simply add a few layers.

5. Cork Screw Curls

There are many different looks to choose from ringlets, beauty waves or curled bobs.
Whether fake or natural, the cork screw curls could look awesome. Whether you add a couple of extra waves or you choose to let your natural curl shine, the amazing effect is certain. For a more grunge vibe you can experiment with backcombing. With tight neat curls, you can also play it pure.

6. Natural Hair Textures

Hairstylists have recommended natural hair textures this past season and in 2017 this trend is expected to continue. Everyone could choose a natural hair texture. Especially for busy women who do not have the luxury to spend time blowing out their hair, it’s important to adapt their hair to their lifestyle in order to keep their look effortless chic.

7. Cool-Girl Shags

After being popular in 2016, the shag trend seems to continue in 2017 as well. With seamless layers and soft lines, this cut is very stylish. It could also be very versatile, fitting well short, long, wavy or straight hair.


Reinventing your look and sitting back in the stylist chair are ways to relieve stress and boost self-image and confidence levels. The year 2017 brings some innovative trends in hair style matters, after 2016’s most popular looks were all about throwback styles such as the Gatsby bob and the high-top fade.

According to Refinery29 Tresemm¨¦ stylist Jeanie Syfu and celebrity hairstylist of Ouai hair care Jen Atkin both agree that this year is the year to test-drive some eye-grazing bangs or to go for those layers. But, for those who are less ready for major changes and feel afraid of a major chop, this year could also be about making subtle tweaks to what you’ve already got.

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