Titanium Flat Iron Digital Hair Straightener Review

As humans, we have a tendency of looking good and changing how we look from time to time. One of the primary ways to change our looks comes from changing the hair style that we have. We employ a number of methods in achieving it and one of our faithful friends in this journey has to be the loyal flat iron. It is the silent guardian which plays the all important role of giving the hair various designs, starting from straightening them to curling them, etc it takes care of the hard parts. Titanium Flat Iron Digital Hair Straightener by Isa Professional is arguably one of the best flat irons in the business and deserves your undivided attention. It has all the features one looks for in a good flat iron which is why it is time we take a closer look at the product.

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Unique Features

The first thing which we need to check here are the unique features that the flat iron comes with to give you a basic idea of the product.

  • The Mirror Titanium plates: the first thing about the product that is sure to grab your attention has to be the unique Mirror Titanium plates. These plates are tapered and are 4.5” long which is not bad. What it effectively does is that it allows the flat iron to work on a larger section of hair at one go, something which can only be an advantage. This will allow you to save time in terms of straightening the hair is concerned. Moreover, if you are one with small hair then you will be able to take the flat iron closer to the roots of your hair and that too without burning the scalp, so you don’t have to worry about the safety.

Titanium Flat Iron Digital Hair Straightener by Isa Professional Review

  • The digital temperature: in terms of technology, this product surpasses most of its competitors in the market thanks to the digital temperature feature. It has a neon LCD background which allows you to look at the exact temperature the flat iron is working on. The temperature this product works on ranges from 265 to 450 Fahrenheit, so now you can set the temperature you want which keeps you in absolute control at all times.
  • Designs: this flat iron gives a number of options as far as hair styling is concerned. It can help you straighten or flat iron your hair as well as make them curly and wavy.

Since, we have the basic idea about the product, let us set aside the technical aspects of it and look at the pros and cons of the product to see whether it is worth it.


  • The 360 degree power cord is tangle free and at the same time is long enough to give you enough space to work with your hair without any hassle.
  • The product comes in a beautiful recyclable box which makes it apt for gifting.
  • The titanium plates has a small ceramic coating and recovers heat while working on your hair making sure that you don’t have to pause while you style your hair.


  • Respondents to surveys have said that the product takes a considerable time to cool down primarily because the ceramic plates get heated in its entirety.

It is safe to say that after reading the Titanium Flat Iron Digital Hair Straightener by Isa Professional review it is evident that it is a quality product. But the question is whether this is the flat iron for your hair? A question you should answer without any further delay.

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