Best Rated Flat Irons on the market 2016It is true that we all want to look good which is what brings us here today. One of the most common areas of the body which usually is at the receiving end of all our experiments is our hair. We employ a lot of different tactics including the use of hair sprays and other such hair products to give different styles to our hair. One of the most pivotal part of the entire process is the length of the hair because we need to make sure that whatever style we do must compliment it else the whole idea of looking good will be defeated, something which we don’t want.

In our endeavor of getting the perfect hair style we often turn to flat irons. Now you must be thinking what a flat iron is? A flat iron is that device which is responsible of providing us with curly, straight or any type of hair that we want. This is a product which is highly rated among women across the boards and has an extensive usage not only in the self-styling but in commercial styling as well. There are a number of different types of flat irons which are perfect for various type and length of hair. This is why you need to be extra careful while choosing the right flat iron to get the best possible result. You have to understand that the flat iron which is perfect for curly hair may not be apt for coarse hair and vice versa. This why we have gathered a collection of some of the top rated flat irons which are doing the rounds in the hair styling world.

Top rated flat iron for every hair type

HD Professional Ionic Tourmaline Hybrid Flattening Iron

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It is not every day that you find a flat iron which can cater to all the different hair types so owning a HD Professional Ionic Tourmaline Hybrid Flattening Iron will always put you in an advantageous position. It has one of the highest ratings in the market as far as the all in one flat iron is concerned. This is the reason it is imperative that we get to know a bit more about the product by familiarizing ourselves with the various features of the flat iron.

  • The versatile plate: when we look at a flat iron, the first thing we need to check out the plates of the product. We are happy to tell you that this 1.25” plate is the right plate for the job. The plate is meticulously designed and is very carefully coated with ceramic tourmaline particles. This is big plus for people who are looking to get shinier hair as these particles are said to contribute to look of the hair. Moreover, an advantage which you get which this product is that it helps make your smoother, in effect making your hair texture all the more appealing which is a dream for most women.
  • The cord: one thing which you need in your flat is flexibility and the freedom to move around, especially with the cord, something you get in abundance in this product. With this product you will get a 360 degree swivel cord. This is the reason why this flat iron can do wonders with your hair, as it has the complete design freedom which is not something you get with many other products. This is the able assistant you will need while working with different hairs and give each of them the style they need and deserve.
  • All in one: if there is one thing which sets this flat iron apart from the others then it has to be its capability of working on any type of hair giving them any design you feel fit. It is a potent weapon in your hair make up closet as it will allow you to give your hair a curl, straighten or wavy look in a matter of minutes, something which will prepare you for any occasion.

After looking at some of the features of this product let us look at its utility through some pros and cons.


  • With this product you will have a 24 month guarantee, something which will assure the safety of your flat iron without fail.
  • It has an ergonomic grip which allows you to hold it easily while you are styling your hair. In addition, this feature assures that you get to use the flat iron for a long time, something which is definitely an added attraction for the product.
  • The curved and contoured plates are just the tools which you need to glide the flat iron through your hair and style it in any way you want.


  • It must be said finding a con for the product needed some thorough researching but the only notable issue which we uncovered is that it can sometime pinch your hair and that too only at the initial stages.

Top rated flat irons for:

1. Black hair

IRRESISTIBLE ME Diamond Professional Hair Straightener

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Now we come to the flat irons which are deemed to be the best for particular hair types and the first one on our list is the IRRESISTIBLE ME Diamond Professional Hair Straightener. This is touted to be one of best if not the best for black hair which is why it is time we look at some of its many features.

  • The auto shut: if you are looking for a product which is not only a top stylist but also knows how to conserve energy then this is the one you must have been looking for. It is designed in such a way that if there isn’t any activity on the hair straightener then the product will shut off automatically making sure you don’t waste energy.
  • Time saver: The plate of the flat iron has tourmaline along with the much needed crushed diamond particles in them and is known to heat up almost instantaneously. So, if you are in a hurry and want to style your beautiful black hairs then put this on for 20 seconds and give your hair a look like no other.

Now that you are aware of some of the best features of the product, it is time to decide whether this is the one product you need for your black hair or not.


  • The 1” plate that you find here is completely self-adjusting which makes sure that there are no pressure points which mean your flat iron can work easily through your hair without any problems.
  • In terms of pricing, this is a comparatively cheap product, which is an advantage if you are on a budget.


  • There have been instances when this digital straightener can show an error on plug in, something which seldom happens.

2. Fine Hair, Natural hair

Best Nano Titanium Hair Straightener

The next type of hair on our list fine or natural hair, which is one of the more common hair types you will encounter in women. This is why we will now look at some of the features of the Best Nano Titanium Hair Straightener.

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  • Digital world: welcome to the digital world with one of the more advanced flat irons in the market. The straightener is blessed with the feature which allows you to see the temperature on the display board. We know temperature is an integral part when you are styling your hair as you wouldn’t want to burn it while styling it. Hence, the product gives an extra layer of protection to your hair.
  • Smooth and silky: one of the things we look in our flat irons is its ability to change our hair texture. With this straightener you are now eligible to flatten and give your natural hair a chance to be straight. If that wasn’t enough, you can be sure to get a silkier and smoother hair with this flat iron.

Now that you are getting accustomed with the product, let us not waste a moment further and look at the pros and cons of the product.

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  • The straightener has the ability to reach 450 F in a matter of seconds hence allowing you to work on your hair in no time.
  • It also plays its part in conserving power thanks to the auto shut off feature.


  • People have been demanding for a heat resistant case for the product which is missing at the moment, something the manufacturers should look into as soon as possible.

3. Thick hair

Karmin G3 Salon Professional Hair Straightener

If you think that you are doomed because you have thick hair then it is time to think again as we present to you the Karmin G3 Salon Professional Hair Straightener. Here are some of the more important features which deserve your attention.

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The curious case of ions: ions can play an important role in the whole hair straightening process which is why a lot of attention has been given to it here. For starters, the negative ions here works diligently in making sure that the static frizz is reduced, although it would be unfair not to mention the assistance provided by the infrared heat in achieving this goal. In addition, these ions do wonders to keep the natural oils sealed in order to help the straightener do its job.

  • Adjustable temperature: the manufacturers here have allowed the product to have dual voltage. The advantage that you get with this feature is that it enables the user to use it anywhere around the world which makes it the perfect companion. The temperature at which the flat iron works on can range from 210 to 450 degrees, hence, allowing you to choose your own temperature.

After doing the initial probing of the product, it is time to look a little closer into the advantages and disadvantages you get with the hair straightener.


  • The flat iron is equipped with 1” High Grade ceramic floating plates which is what your thick hair needs.
  • Having a 3 year warranty is always an advantage as it means you have insurance for your product.


  • Customer service is something which the company needs to work on as it was the highlight of our surveys in terms of the disadvantages of the product.

4. Curly hair, Coarse hair

6th Sense Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener

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The last product which we will look into in our top rated flat iron is the 6th Sense Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener which is said to be the one if you have coarse or curly hair. So, here are some of the features of the product you need to know about in order to understand this hair straightener better.

  • Getting those curls: if curls are what you love then this top of the line product from 6th Sense is what you are looking for. This flat iron has the capability of giving salon fresh curls which will stay intact for an entire day which is something you can only dream of.
  • Knife through butter: this is a product which has been designed diligently, something you will see when 1” floating ceramic plates will move effortlessly through your hair. The best thing here is that while it’s on, there won’t be a hint of pull, pinch or snag which you will feel.

If you are thinking of this product seriously then it is time for you to check out the pros and cons of the product without further delay.


  • With the tourmaline mixture in the ceramic plates you can be sure of having smoother hair.
  • Unlike other flat irons, here you will get silkier and attractive hair with one pass, thus, reducing the overall time needed to style your hair.


  • Some of the customers have complained that the flat iron does not heat up properly, an issue which does require proper attention.


We hope that after looking into so many different flat irons you have been educated a little bit more about the hair styling world. It was our goal to provide you with as much details as possible to make sure you don’t face any issues in getting the best product for your hair. Therefore, it is time you choose your best flat iron and style your hair like never before.