Looking for the best flat iron for natural hair 2016If there is one part of the body which we love to experiment with then it has to be our hair. It is not a hidden fact that we like different hairstyles which should go with our look and for some changing a hairstyle for every season or every other event is a style statement in itself. The right thing to do here is looking for the best flat iron which can work on your hair effortlessly. This is a product which is sure to turn your normal hair into curling hair in a matter of minutes but the catch here is to choose the flat iron which will suit your hair the best. For instance, you have to know that there are different types of flat iron which are suitable for various type of hair, meaning the product that you are using on your thick black hair cannot be the same for someone who has fine hair. Although, it must be said that these flat irons work best if you have short hair, something that should be in your consideration while buying a flat iron.

Things to consider before buying a flat iron for your Hair Type

Here are some things which should be checked out thoroughly before you buy a flat iron.

What size Flat Iron is best for your Hair

size of flat iron to curl hair

If you want a flat iron which will produce perfect straightening then the first thing you need to look at must be your own hair type. You have to understand that your hair type might vary especially in texture which is why some of us have thin hair while some of us have curly hair, etc. which will require different plate size to work correctly. So, first look into your hair type properly but to make things easy here are certain tips which can greatly help you with choosing the best flat iron for natural hair. For starters if you have fine hair then it would be advisable that you go for a Cricket Centrix ceramic flat iron, but this is only applicable for people who have their hair above shoulder length. Meanwhile, if you are blessed with coarse hair then choosing the correct flat iron would depend on the length of hair. For example, if you have below shoulder hair then choosing a 1 inch Ceramic or 1 inch Infrared flat iron will be a prudent decision. In case you have damaged hair then choosing a flat iron might get tricky as you wouldn’t want you to get further damaged, so be extra careful here.

Price of Flat Iron

One important factor which should play an important part in the decision-making process must be the price. You have to understand that you are not going to use it every day. This means going for a low price product is not a bad idea given that it is your money which is invested here. Therefore, people who are on a budget should be extra careful while buying a flat iron. After all, it is not wise to buy something which you will use occasionally but spend a huge of amount of your hard earned money on it.

Best Flat Iron Brands

We are talking about styling your hair which is why trusting branded products may just be the right thing to do. There are the number of brands you can choose from but the ones which are really popular on the market 2016 include the likes of BaByliss PRO, ISA Professional, and HSI PROFESSIONAL… We believe when it comes to hair then going the brand way is indeed the best way.

Top 5 the best Flat Iron for natural hair 2016

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

This brings us to the last product on our list of the best straightening irons. This indeed deserves a place in this list. First of all, it comes in an efficient design with a sleek structure. Secondly, the feature to note here is the product’s compatibility with all types of hair textures including the like of fine hair to coarse hair. You can now easily flip and curl your hair in different styles without any hassles.

Coming to the plates, these are made from 100% solid ceramic material that ensures good health for your hair. This leads to a more even distribution of the heat and thus the straightening process takes place more swiftly. The ceramic plates offer a shiny and silky finish to the hair in very less time. The one-inch plates can very well cater to different hair lengths including managing bangs with efficiency. Up next is the cord. We often complain of the cord of a hair-straightening iron getting entangled which makes the process more difficult for us. But this is not the case for this HSI device. Here, it comes with a 360-degree swivel cord that will never get entangled and thus you can swiftly move around to style your hair.

Talking about temperature adjustments, this device works between 240 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This will cater to all your hair needs, whether you have thin hair or very coarse textured hair. The dual voltage compatibility makes this product a good option to carry around while traveling. The heat resistant gloves and the Argan oil hair treatment products all make up for a silky and shiny hair styling kit.

ISA Profesional Flat Iron Hair Straightener Victoria Tourmaline Ceramic

The first product comes from the house of ISA and is one of the revolutionary products for the brand. For starters, the plates of the product are very efficient and are made from 100% solid ceramic. What this does is brings the concept of a salon to your house. You get straightening of a professional quality sitting right at home. The one big advantage of using ceramic plates is that the heat is distributed evenly on your hair, unlike the other metal coated plates. This fastens up the process of hair straightening.

The next important feature of this product is the automatic temperature adjustment settings. It changes the temperature based on the thickness of your hair. For instance, while doing the bangs, the temperature gets reduced automatically. You can use the straightener for different styling options instead of just making your hair straight. You could style it into beautiful bouncy curls for starters and experiment with many other varieties like that. It has a swivel of 360 degrees and is very convenient for traveling. This can be attributed to the fact that the product comes with a universal voltage.

One feature that might pose to be a problem for the users is the fact that it does not come with an auto shut off button. So you have to be little cautious while using the straightener. Otherwise, the product has only one control button that avoids complications for using the device.

ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

The next product on our list also comes from the house of ISA. The feature that users look for the most in straighteners is the type of plates used. In this case, the plates are 100% solid tourmaline ceramic plates. This helps the heat to spread out easily in a very short time. Thus, this is a time conserving option. Next, we come to the temperature control.

This particular device comes with a control range of 175 to 450 degree Fahrenheit that is more than enough for styling your hair in different ways. This digital control is useful because the temperature will be set precisely for your hair and not have a general value. The neon background LCD display comes in handy for displaying the temperature for maximizing performance. The combination of the temperature control and the LCD display gives you the most effective control in the market. The next important feature that we focus on here is the auto shut off feature. This has a time period for 50 minutes beyond which it can shut itself off for best results.

You can style your hair in different ways like those bouncy curls or the more elegant wavy look. But be sure never to use this product on wet hair since it is not designed for such a situation. Otherwise, if you use it on dry hair, the pivoting plates will do wonders for your hair styling needs. Also, the power cord seems to be pretty sturdy and long and thus makes for a convenient product.

Titanium Flat Iron Digital Hair Straightener

The next product comes with titanium plates. This leads to an efficient straightening process with silky smooth hair as a result. The one big advantage of this product is the fact that it comes with extra-long plates that are around 4.5 inches long and tapering at the end. That means you can target different sections of the hair all at once without hassles. Also, since the plates are long, you can straighten your bangs or fringes pretty easily without the fear of burning your skin in the process. This is one of the reasons why the users prefer this type of a straightener.

Also, the temperature can be varied over a large range so that you can cater to different hair textures. The temperature range goes from 265 to 450 degree Fahrenheit. The fact that you can control the temperature of the plates makes sure that it is best suited for you. Also, the temperature rises the desired settings very quickly and easily. The cord that comes with the product has a 360-degree swivel structure. This means that as you move around different parts of your hair, it will never get entangled.

One issue that the users seem to face with this device is that it takes the time to cool down and come to a normal temperature. This is because the plates get heated up in entirety and thus take more time. But, otherwise, the users are very satisfied with the product. It constantly recovers heat making sure that you do not have to stop or pause while completing your styling work.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Ionic Straightening Iron

Next up is a product from the efficient house of BaByliss. The titanium plates happen to be ultra-smooth in texture and thus work well to conduct high heat for appropriate hair styling needs. Add to that, the presence of titanium ensures that the device never undergoes any sort of corrosion. The ceramic heater has instant heat and heat recovery features that make it useful for continuous styling without having to take a break for allowing the device to adapt to the temperature conditions. The temperature on this straightener can be adjusted according to your requirements.

The highest extreme value in this regard is 450 degrees Fahrenheit which is sufficient for even the thickest of hair textures. The temperature can be adjusted by taking help from the LED temperature settings. The product works with the help of Digital Ionic Technology that functions by sending natural negative ions in the hair strands. Moreover, under the action of Ryton housing, the straightener can resist high-temperature heating and that makes it comfortable for use.

For the product, there is an on/off button. However, there is no auto shut off feature. So you have to be careful to turn it off after use, lest it gets damaged. Coming to the cord of the device, it tends to swivel at the back of the straightening iron and is thus convenient to use. You no longer have to face the troubles of fixing the cord every time you go from one end of your head to the other. The customers have often complained about the small size of the device. But, apart from that, it seems to be doing a fairly useful job.

15 Mistakes You Are Probably Making When Straightening Your Hair

1. Know how much to pull

It is a common thing for most of us to pull the hair down while you are straightening your hair but you should know where to stop. You will see that no one likes to have a flat look something which will be the result if you are going all the way down. The trick in straightening your hair is to give it volume which will give your straightened hair a better look. Therefore, next time when you are pulling it down just pull your hair away from your head and you will get that extra bit of volume which is sure to extenuate your look.

2. Is it clean enough?

There is no doubt that you take extra care of your hair and it is often subjected to a number of different hair products including the likes of hair spray, hair conditioners, etc. The thing which you don’t realize here is that when you put your flat iron on your hair apart from straightening it, they also absorb these products which over time if not cleaned builds up. As a result, it can pull on your hair which can be really painful and detrimental to your hair, so without wasting a minute longer clean the iron better.

3. Make sections

It is often observed that most of the times the user just put the flat iron on random patches of hair which are utterly wrong. The best way to use the product is by making separate sections of hair and putting the flat iron on them just once. This plays a dual role as not only does it result in healthier hair but gives the overall look a thumbs up which is undoubtedly something you would want.

4. Using wrong hair products

If you are using a certain conditioner or shampoo for a long time and yet it is not making your curly hair straight then it is the time you realize that it is indeed the wrong product for the job. This is why if straightening your hair is the idea then get the hair products which are going to assist your flat iron in getting the all-important straight hair.

5. Cold hair

Cold hair is definitely bad news as far as putting the flat iron on it is concerned. If you end up doing so then be prepared to have damaged hair. Therefore, it is always advised that you wash your hair before straightening it. Moreover, if you are trying to style your hair further then you should do it while the hair is still hot.

6. The right iron

Using of giant iron is something many people do because they think that it is going to straighten more hair at a go. The truth is that such a notion is wrong because of the simple fact that these irons can never reach the roots of the hair leaving it in a messy situation. Therefore, always try to go for a flat iron which is 1” wider to get the best results.

7. Setting it high

One setting which you cannot go wrong with is the temperature setting. This is a common error as we think that the iron will work will work faster if the settings are high. Instead, it will become the perfect tool to damage your hair which is why the top professionals will advise you against it.

8. Not hot enough

On the flipside, there are also people who tend to put the temperature way below the required level which is equally wrong. The reason people cite for doing so is that this will have a less damaging effect on the hair. But the truth is that it is a lot more damaging to the hair. What happens with the low setting is that you tend to straighten the same piece of hair multiple times which is strict no in the hair straightening world. Therefore, it can severally hurt the hair and sometimes even beyond repair. If you are looking for the best temperature on which the flat iron is most effective then go for the medium-high one.

9. Brush ahead

The next step after sectioning the hair must be to brush it. This is a very important step because it is here that you can get rid of the unwanted knots which might cause hindrance for the flat iron to go through with the straightening process, a step which is often missed even by seasoned users.

10. Is something burning

There are chances that you might see steam coming out of the flat iron while it’s working on your hair, what you need to do here is stop at once. The signal the flat iron is giving you here is that the hair is not dry enough for straightening which is can be a bad news for the strands. Therefore, it is advisable that you dry your hair before using a flat iron on it.

11. Heat protectant

Putting heat to your hair can never be good news, not even when you are straightening your hair. Using a good hair protectant here will be the best way to go but this is something which is not followed by most people because they believe they don’t need it, an idea they need to get rid of. These products are your perfect shield against the heat exerted by the flat iron. Moreover, they are also very useful in making the hair smoother which will be advantageous for you in the long run.

12. Don’t be in a rush

If you ask us then hair straightening is a slow and steady process. It has been observed that when people are in a hurry they use the flat iron in the wrong way. What they do is straighten parts of sections and miss out on sections of hair. This is not the way to go as it is sure to mar the look you want. This is why leading experts here advocate a much calmer process where you should straighten each section of hair starting from the root to the tip.

13. Same direction

Another common mistake that we do is applying the flat iron on the same section of hair over and over again. This is something which is considered criminal in the hair straightening world as not only does it not fulfill its purpose but this is very harmful to the hair in general. The best way to work your hair here is by applying the flat iron on a set of strand just once and no more than that.

14. Look at the hair

Straightening you hair does depend on the length of hair you have. So, if you have shorter and thicker hair then opting for a flat iron is the correct decision as it will give you a much sleeker hairdo. Therefore, we can safely say that people who think flat iron is only for long hair is wrong and should re-think their hair straightening strategies.

15. Use the dryer correctly

It is true that you need to wash your hair before straightening but it is seen that most of us don’t even use the blow dryer correctly which means the hair will be wet when you put on the flat iron. This in effect will damage the hair and land you in a soup. As per leading stylists, drying your hair with a blow dryer right after a shower is not the right way to go, so towel your hair good and gentle and get it dried in the dryer before using a flat iron on it.


We hope that this review on the best flat iron for natural hair has been helpful. We have used every resource at our disposal to make sure you get every single piece of information which will come handy the next time you think about straightening your hair. We do realize that it is much easier said, than done which is why we have provided you with crucial features which you should look for in your flat iron before setting your heat on them.

Moreover, if that was not, enough we have given you the top 5 products which are doing the rounds. Here we have provided you information on each of the products and shown you how they differ from one another. This is done to make sure that you can choose the flat iron which will be best for your hair, something we just could not ignore.

At the end, we have also shown you as to how we often go wrong while straightening our hair which prompted us to let you the things we should do while styling our hair. We hope this unbiased review on flat irons has been beneficial and now you are at the cusp of deciding as to which is the one for you.

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